The Birth

Every startup begins with a boiling idea. The Hidden Pea is a resultant froth. It walked in at a point when I had ideas galore, but a man was too lethargic to execute them. I decided why not do it myself? I cut out that dependency to learn all the things from scratch. I was amazed to find out a thing is not difficult if you have your heart in it. THP was born as a result and it didn’t stop therefrom.

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Why the Title The Hidden Pea

People have often asked me the aforesaid question. When I try to think about it, I end up wading back in time. It was back when I read the fairy tale “The Princess and the Pea” for the first time. The story was about finding the true princess, and it was done by hiding a pea underneath one of the mattresses to see who would really complain about kingly services. A girl true and oblivious to the ways of grandeur, ends up complaining that she couldn’t sleep well since there was something bothering her all night.

The colossal import of a minuscule pea that was hidden from the eyes of the guests was the only thing that set people apart. Our eyes fail to register things that are hidden. We have to experience it, chug wheels of our imagination to really feel that pea gnashing under our flesh.

Our stories are built on the titanic importance of a thing so tiny. There will be many profound stories that will hide things that mainstream might overlook. Our intent is to open your eyes to things you fail to see. While we do it, we urge you to truly feel and experience what things we wish to say.

Hope we come on the same page one day.


February 15 2019


August 6 2018


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April 9 2018


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March 11 2018

Somewhere Else

January 28 2018

Karan Arjun

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December 16 2017


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November 20 2017


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October 21 2017


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September 10 2017


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August 12 2017

The Laundry Bag

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August 9 2017


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THP was born.